8 Role of Sales

It is an important function of an organization

Can you survive without revenue flowing-in? Ask any CEO, one reason for their failure; it would be sales. We need to acknowledge the sales professionals for their contribution, be it the front sales executives (FOS), DSAs, Agents. You may love them, hate them but you cannot ignore them.

Today, every NBFCs, HFCs or banks or insurance org. have the largest number of offers in frontline sales and there are no takers. Organizations are appointing recruiting agencies, training companies to do the selling of sales job to the youth. Where is the problem?

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Is it something to do with the way we look at the sales role? Unfortunately, sales role is the last resort as a career option. People hate field job, targets, and the fear of losing job every six months. Remember, the way the role is perceived by industry is what gets conveyed to the youth in the community.

I know of CEOs, Head of Business to have started their career as frontline sales or have moved from credit or operations, technical, legal function into sales function and are doing extremely well. Let us celebrate the sales role rather than putting all the ills of the organizations on their doorsteps. Act now.

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