joining the Retail Financial Services Sector?

Finally, the time has come for you to take the big leap by taking-up a job in the industry. It may be a dream come true for many. Wish you all the best. I am aware that millennials or the Z generation may not like advice, so let me invite you for a discussion. I am sure you want me to be specific.

In my interactions with folks from your age group there is general dislike for Sales role or field role. One of the big concerns is that will ''I get an office job or field job''. I commonly hear this statement ''Sales is high pressure job with daily targets'' or ''I am not cut out for front ending jobs''. You are putting a label for yourself, even before experiencing it. Let me tell that you are doing a great service to yourself by getting into sales. This is the best place to start your career. You come know your customers. They are your best teachers. You learn the entire spectrum of business focused on delivering the products and services of your organization in span of few weeks. Making it a point to enjoy it.

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I recommend to organizations that please allow the freshers to experience every functional role instead of just getting an overview at the induction program before they settle into the role they have been recruited for. I would recommend that if you are in sales, make it a point to spend some time in field collections to understand the customer scenarios, get into friend calling at the customer service end to know what is happening to the customer over the phone, mail, bot, chat, and personal visits. If you are lucky to have training, ask questions even if it looks silly to you. Shed your ''looking good'' factor. Touch base with a senior and identify one person in each functional role and ask all the questions about the economy, industry, company, process, products, and their learnings. Remember your ability to strike relationship, overcoming fears, understanding your emotions and others and ability to collaborate, and responding to organizations call will be your success mantra as you begin your career. I would be happy take this conversation further.

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