Are you a Mentor or Coach

for the Freshers in the Industry?

This is the time of the year when you have young professionals joining the industry. I am sure each of them would be coming with big dreams, aspirations, and butterflies as they inch into the work life. Added to that, the uncertainty, and extended periods of being holed-up at home would be playing in their minds. If they are management graduates, they may not have seen their college for more than one quarter.

If you have been identified as Mentor | Coach | Facilitator for these freshers, you are also part of the tribe to be a mentor which would be unique in many ways. You have not met them in office and may be all the transactions, relationships and networking are happening online.

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As a mentor give them time in your busy schedule of family, work, and me time. Listen to them. They may not know much about the organization. Break into small parts for them to understand each aspect. Allow the space to ask ''why'' and ''how'' questions. Do not throw them to wolf of the corporate world. Be the sibling to them. Give them tips of the organizational protocols. They may not have purchased a corporate attire and still would be in student mode. Nudge them for the shift based on their role or organization's norms.

But if you want to be a coach, ask only powerful questions so that freshers go through intense self-discovery process of finding their potential and learn which will remain with them for ever in their life.

As a parting thought, as a mentor, coach or facilitator think as to ''how you want to be remembered'' by them in their life. If you are one of those mentors or coach or facilitator and would like to have a discussion, I would be happy to be part of your journey. Wish you all the best.

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