Need for Human Resources

in Housing Finance Sector

It is important to ask a pertinent question on the demand supply scenario of housing finance professionals in India. The scenario is not all that good to write home about. Every player in the industry is struggling to hold on to people with barrage of new entrants and existing players expanding their geographical reach.

In a scenario where the demand for housing is outstripping the supply more specifically in the lower and Middle Income (LMI) segment there is a need to have strategic intervention to infuse new blood.

The problem in hand is that every organization wants a trained hand to start their operations. As a result of that the flight of human resources especially at the entry level is most alarming. It would not be wrong to state that poaching of trained hands is leaving a strain of blood in the industry.

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Further, with a limited time span available to start the operations, the organizations are not able to infuse trained fresh blood in the market. As a result of that it is getting increasingly difficult to scale-up the business. Further, the larger threat faced by the mortgage industry is operational risk with untrained people.

Who will bell the cat? It is not so difficult. We in Virtuoweb as consulting and training company have been working ceaselessly with some of the wise CEOs in training their people at all levels. We believe that it is important to work with consulting and training organization like us to skill people continuously at all levels throughout the year giving impetus to trained hands. We promise that it will make a difference to the organization.

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