There is no Insurance Policy

for lack of Skill Development

Our education starts and ends with 3R's and for some it is the foundation to develop a skill that is going to be their lifeline.

Today, it is getting segregated between soft and hard. Probably, hard referring to the functional skills. Functional skills is learnt largely on the job and soft is learnt during the course of interaction if one is conscious of it or fails to take note of it.

How does the adult look at it? Why the antipathy to learning or unlearning or relearning?

Probably, till you hit the roadblock, one does not believe anything is wrong with them and possibly we are living with the following expressions

"I am at the pinnacle of my life, what else is there to learn".

" I don't have time"

"Should I spend my time in a workshop"

" I don't have money"

Always, we want others to be trained or coached but even as a team leader we find difficult to spare a team member for a workshop as it may hamper the business.

The way we progress in school from standard 1 to 10, we have to go through the stages to cover the curriculum that is relevant for the job today and the emerging

tomorrow. Whether you are working in a corporate world or you are a business owner of a large enterprise or small kiosk investing in Systematic Education Plan (SEP) with a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) can be the only insurance for sustainable self growth or else skill development will be a case of hit and run. (SIP to SEP).

I still remember that till I was in corporate world, my investments in training was coming from my employers and today as an entrepreneur, it is a conscious effort to invest a percentage of my income in self-learning. The one big change is that the learning in my second phase of life is decided by me. I must thank my entrepreneur friends and mentors to share this secret the moment I moved out of the corporate world to begin entrepreneurial journey.

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